Our Principles

In a time where we have access to everything in our palm, the entirety of the worlds' knowledge at our fingertips, instant worldwide communication and more computational power than we know how to use - we have such small spaces of our technology that are used for God.

The advancements of today's society are able to be used for tremendous good but sadly our minds have been taken captive - by newsfeeds and timelines, social approval systems, money and corporate agendas. Billion-dollar companies fighting to monetize a slither of our attention. Our information is scattered, time lost and minds clouded. This makes our lives un-focused.

Spirit Notes is a tool that helps you disconnect and sit. It is meant to fill your spaces. Those quiet times with God early in the morning, afternoon deep Bible studies, listening back to personally impactful messages on the way to work. By having a single place that you can separately keep all your personal revelations you cut out resistance. You express, organize and share in a single system built for Christians with features customized to you.

Spirit Notes has been in development for years. It was made and runs on the following principles:

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No vanity metrics or social features

When everything we do is being seen by others, we start to act differently. We shape our own identity. Whether consciously or not we start making decisions based on what we perceive others to think. What started out as space for us turns into us acting to the will of others. Spirit Notes gives you the freedom to record and express your true thoughts, be imaginative with no conditions and allow Godly dreams to be articulated. This only happens in spaces where you can be yourself. We do not have personal profiles, individual metrics or analytics, following features, or likes. No social pressure whatsoever.

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No account details

Your personal data is yours, you should not be forced to give it up to use apps that do not need it. We do not have an account setup to use Spirit Notes. This way we do not need to collect your personal information. We do not have your email address, full name or address from you signing up for an account like is normally required in other apps. Your normal use of Spirit Notes is anonymous to us.

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No advertisements

This one is easy. We are making a space that is yours. It is a space that you can go to and trust. It is not meant to sell you products or distract you in any way. We have no advertisements in the app.

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No information shared or sold

As surprising as it may be, it is common for other apps to give over your personal data to Content Providers (in our case Bible Publishers). This means that even though the app is "free", you pay by giving up your privacy and valuable personal data. That's expensive. We do not invade your privacy by selling or sharing your private information to any Content Providers. We partner only with Bible Publishers that agree to these terms.

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Always private

Your Bible notes are an outlay of your Christian walk. They provide some of the deepest, most personal information about you. This data needs to be secure and private. Within Spirit Notes all of your data is saved onto the physical hard drive inside your device securely encrypted on a device with a passcode. If you have an iCloud account it is then backed up to your private database on Apple's iCloud service and stored on Apple run servers. This means we cannot access your data even if we wanted to. We do not index, read, sell or share any of this data; we do not have access to it ourselves. This decision was made with your privacy in mind, other note-taking apps save your data to servers they own or servers run by companies that make money off advertising services. These companies can index, read through and use your personal data however they want. Spirit Notes does none of this and never will.

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High quality

Christians everywhere deserve quality tools that help them. Spirit Notes is created and upheld to high standards. We use cutting edge technology and strive to implement innovative software. We meticulously research, design and code to make Spirit Notes the best Church note-taking app available. Everything we create is rigorously tested along the way before being given to you.

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Accessible & Simple

Christianity is for everyone. We believe in this statement and use it to inform the solutions we create for Spirit Notes. Everyday we are working to add more languages, a greater range of Biblical Translations and more accessibility features. In the design of the app we believe in the fusion of form and function. Innovative features if designed poorly never get used, we strive to create a well-designed app that can be powerful and supremely helpful. This app is for you, whether you are a grandma in Oklahoma or a student in South Korea.

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Offline use

Sometimes you are unable to have internet. Sometimes you want to be unable to have internet. We get it. Spirit Notes is meant to work perfectly offline or when you have bad reception. All the Biblical Translations are able to be downloaded and Spirit Notes continues to save everything to your device until it is able to backup your data to the cloud. This allows you to keep using Spirit Notes as your daily devotional app at anywhere. On a missions trip overseas, in a foreign area or away from home - all of Spirit Notes core features continue to work.

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Bible based

Above all Spirit Notes is a Christian centred app. We are a Christian team creating for a Christian audience. We follow Biblical direction and use Biblical principles to make our decisions. Our singular goal is to further the Gospel and help you on your personal walk with God. We do not make any decisions that are counter to this mission.


So, that's Spirit Notes. It was made to fit in your arsenal of tools that help you along your Christian walk. Use it to read Bible verses, for all your Christian notes, as a Church notes app and so much more. It asks you to ignite your hunger for God, allow your thoughts to freely be expressed, fill your empty time listening to uplifting recordings and share sermons with others like never before. It is a culmination of a lot of hard work and a lot of God. We hope you love it.

Someone once told me; the physical notebook is romantic, but technology is functional. I like to believe Spirit Notes hits that sweet spot right in the middle.

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Spirit Notes is a Church notes app that helps you record, write, express and organize your Christian revelations.
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