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Spirit Notes helps you record, write, express and organise your revelations.


A new way. Take Note.

Revisit, reflect & recall information quicker than ever. As you take notes the time is saved with your points. Afterwards you can tap next to the text to re-listen to the exact time that a point was made. Save time & headaches by quickly finding moments of sermons.


Record & write, in one place - about time.

Spirit Notes keeps all your notes and recordings together. No more switching apps during a service or piecing together files later on. Stay organised & stay focused.
Blue iPhone 12, Record & Write in one Place

Scripture auto-complete

The Bible, in a


Type verses and watch them appear instantly. Using intelligent software Spirit Notes understands when you're writing a scripture and will search for it. Scriptures conveniently get inserted into your notes. All of it automatically, within a matter of milliseconds.
+ more

Collate & organise

Better together.

Find notes quicker than ever with specific fields like preacher and title. Add tags to group by topics. Place into notebooks to group by Church ministries, conferences, events and more. That pastor from four years ago that you heard a great sermon from. Easy.
Create Folders in Spirit Notes
Notebooks Icon
Notebooks allow you to place notes in logical folders. Use these for services, small groups or other regular recurring events.
Organise Files in Spirit Notes
Tags Icon
Tags give you a way to organise notes based on topics. These can be used when you're looking for a note on a specific subject.
Spirit Notes Moveable Notes
 Preachers Icon
Preachers keep all your notes by a single speaker together, allowing you to easily see all the messages by a specific preacher.


Share with anyone and everyone.

A Spirit Note holds all your recordings, text, scriptures, images and more together. Send everything in one single link to a friend or family member easily. They can read your notes, listen to the recording and write their own thoughts down too. How great is that?
Send a Spirit Note however you want

Send a single link.

Spirit Notes will create an easy to share link for you to send anywhere.
Receive a Spirit Note over message

They receive everything.

On tapping the link they can open and access everything in the Spirit Note.

Dark & light modes

Let there be light...or not

Dependant on the environment you can switch between dark and light versions of the app. This allows you to continue taking notes in dimly lit environments discretely, without causing distraction.
Dark Mode, dark iPhoneDark Mode, light iPhone

All the little things

+ Everything else.

Spirit Notes was created for Christians, every decision is made specifically to enhance your experience.
iCloud Syncing

iCloud syncing

ensures that all your information is backed up to the cloud securely and efficiently.
Custom writing toolbar

Custom writing toolbar

gives you quick access to all your text tools.
Beautiful design heart

Beautiful design

throughout makes Spirit Notes a delight to use.
Dark mode Icon

Rich text tools

allow you to highlight, bold, italicise and underline key points.
AirPlay support

AirPlay support

means you can listen to your favourite speakers on your favourite speaker.
Powerful search

Powerful search

lets you find what you are looking for easily.
Rich image support

Full image support

puts your images together with everything else.
Robust text engine

Robust text engine

gives you lightning fast text editing with zero lag.
+ more coming

+ more coming

every single release, we have so many great features in the pipeline.
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Now available

Get Spirit Notes.

Spirit Notes was born out of the need for a better way to take Christ-centered notes. Express, organise and share in a single system built for Christians with features customised to you.
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Spirit Notes helps you record, write, express and organise your revelations.
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