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Full iPad Support

Powerful iPad support.

🎉 Just added in version 1.5
Fully optimized for the iPad with a new three column layout, complete multi-tasking experience and side by side Bible.

Use it in Bible College, during theology seminars and more for a supercharged Church note-taking experience.
Blue iPhone 12, Record & Write in one Place

Scripture auto-complete

The Bible, in a

Type Bible verses and watch them appear instantly. Using intelligent software Spirit Notes understands when you're writing a scripture and will search for it. Bible verses conveniently get inserted into your Christian notes. All of it automatically, within a matter of milliseconds.
+ more


Record & write, in one place - about time.

Spirit Notes keeps all your Christian notes and recordings together. No more switching apps during a Church service or lecture. No need to piece together files later on. Keep your sermon notes organized & stay focused.
Blue iPhone 12, Record & Write in one Place

Bible Reader

The Smart-
Annotated, Custom,
Bible Reader

Completely Customizable Bible
Choose from a huge number of fonts and also completely customize with your own colours, you can personalize your Bible to your own style!
Linked to all your Notes
Wherever there is a highlighted Bible verse in your Bible you can tap and see all your Notes that have this verse in them. It's perfect to use as your daily devotional app or for Bible journaling.
Spirit Notes Bible Reader

Collate & organize

Better together.

Find Church & lecture notes quicker than ever with specific fields like preacher and title. Add tags to group by topics. Place into notebooks to group by Church ministries, conferences, events and more. That pastor from four years ago that you heard a great sermon from. Easy.
Spirit Notes Moveable Notes
 Preachers Icon
Preachers keep all your notes by a single speaker together, allowing you to easily see all the messages by a specific preacher.
Create Folders in Spirit Notes
Notebooks Icon
Notebooks allow you to place Bible notes in logical folders. Use these for services, small groups or other regular recurring events.
Organise Files in Spirit Notes
Tags Icon
Tags give you a way to organize notes based on topics. These can be used when you're looking for a note on a specific subject.


A new way. Take Note.

Revisit, reflect & recall information quicker than ever. As you take your Christian notes the time is saved with your points. Afterwards you can tap next to the text to re-listen to the exact time that a point was made. Save time & headaches by quickly finding moments of Church sermons.


Share with anyone and everyone.
Notes hold all your recordings, text, Bible verses, images and more together. Send everything in one single link to a friend or family member easily. They can read your text notes, listen to the recording and write their own thoughts down too. How great is that?
Send a Spirit Note however you want

Send a single link.

Spirit Notes will create an easy to share link for you to send anywhere.
Receive a Spirit Note over message

They receive everything.

On tapping the link they can open and access everything in the Spirit Note.

Dark & light modes

Let there be light...or not

Dependant on the environment you can switch between dark and light versions of the app. This allows for Bible note-taking in dimly lit environments discretely, without causing distraction.
Dark Mode, dark iPhoneDark Mode, light iPhone
Your Reviews
Loved by Church note takers around the world. Here are just some of the kind words we have received.
5 Star Icon
fangirltash, 29/05/2021
The dream app I didn’t know I needed
I am NOT great at taking notes mid sermons... I get very distracted with trying to get all the info on the page, my notes end up getting mixed up amongst other work and personal notes and so I find I never go back to them so they’re not much help in the end! This has literally changed the game for me. EVERYTHING I could need to be able to reference back, no recordings lost, no notes lost and so insanely helpful with the Bible verses automatically popping up. Thank you for creating this!
5 Star Icon
Anicia L, 05/31/2021
I’ve waited for an app like this for so long. It makes taking notes SO easy. It adds the scriptures into your notes quickly which I love so I don’t have to go back and forth between my notes and Bible app. This is a game changer for sure! Love that I can categorize all my notes by speakers and by tags. Thank you for this!!
5 Star Icon
Bianca N, 03/06/2021
Just used this app for the first time tonight at a creative team meeting and I love the recording function 😭 Just revisited my notes and it’s great! Having time stamps of my notes while recording and being able to find scripture quickly is an absolute GAME CHANGER FOR ME. Able to concentrate on the actual message then just write my notes-on-the-fly the revisit and re-listen afterwards to really note down anything I might have missed.
5 Star Icon
Mick C, 25/02/2022
Powerful and Easy
This is an awesome app. Previously during church or home groups when someone mentioned a scripture I would be busy looking it up and then wouldn’t have time to change apps to jot down a note about what was being said.

The new bible reader is extending the app in an excellent direction. As I’m reading a passage I can link to every note that has referenced that verse to remember different contexts in which it’s been referred to and teachings based on it.
5 Star Icon
breexyy, 13/06/2021
So easy
Honestly this app has made my notes taking so easy and efficient. I feel more productive like I can listen easier. It adds scriptures and recording mechanisms. This app is amazing
5 Star Icon
Cassidy M, 30/05/2021
Note-taking, perfected.
Spirit Notes is a game changer. Every element of the app has been thoughtfully constructed so as to enhance your experience with God - so thankful this app finally exists!
5 Star Icon
GRNL1GHT, 06/08/2021
This app has gotten me so excited about taking notes again. It’s intuitive and extremely easy to use. This will make taking, referencing, and sharing my notes so so much easier. Thank you!
5 Star Icon
s.lakeman, 24/09/2022
Amazing App
This app definitely makes the most of it unique minimalism while still looking like a “pro note-taking app” lol. Love it, and can’t wait to see the amount of newer features that’ll make it even more fun and usable.
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